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Meet some incredible healthcare professionals that love their field.

X-Ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Radiation Therapy, and more!

Traveling Technologist

Perks of Being a Traveling Technologist

Guest: Kat Turner

I've been a CT tech for over 15 years. Met my now husband in my first CT job, he was IR at the time and now Cath Lab Tech. Side note my mom does MRI and my sister is an RN, we are a family of healthcare workers.

After working a few different jobs in different states for 7 years we took a travel contract and never looked back. 

We've been traveling since 2012.  

Oh, also we travel with our dog, Bob Loblaw.

Radiation Therapy

3 Part Series

Guest Rachel Ward RT(T)

PART 1: Radiation Therapy

PART 2: Radiation Therapy

PART 3: Radiation Therapy

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Student Life & Radiology: Indonesia

Guest Nyimas Shafirah Fitriani


Guest Sonographer Henry Stax

MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Guest Kwame aka MRI Man