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Welcome to Your X-Ray Tech Podcast. Jason Hernandez RT(R) will be your host. YXT Podcast will be giving you inside information about the exciting field of Radiology. Learn about X-Ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Radiation Therapy, and other specialties in medical imaging. Enjoy!

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Latest Episodes:
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2023 Predictions for Radiology

X-Ray 100 Years AGO

Ultrasound Business Coach, 8 Business Models, guest Jennifer Lindsey

ultrasound - so many opportunities in sonography Guest sonographer Henry Stax

Radiation Therapy with guest
Rachel Ward

Ultrasound: Biggest misconceptions
What could ultrasound be used for?

Travel TEchnologist
with Kat Turner CT Tech

Perks of being a traveling technologist

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Your X-Ray Tech

Meet The Team

YXT Podcast host Jason Hernandez

Jason H.

Host, Radiologic Technologist

Kat Turner Travel Technologist on YXT Podcast

Kat Turner

Guest, Travel Technologist

MRI Man Kwame Doss YXT Podcast

Kwame Doss

Guest, MRI Tech

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