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Meet some incredible healthcare professionals that love their field.


Ultrasound - So many opportunities in Sonography! Guest Sonographer Henry Stax on YXT Podcast

Sonographic Tendencies creator and Sonographer Henry Stax on the vast opportunities in Ultrasound. In this episode we discuss: General sonography Specialties in ultrasound Vascular MSK - Musculoskeletal Sonographer OB/GYN - obstetrics X-Ray vs. Ultrasound Licensing Bodies 


ULTRASOUND: Biggest misconceptions. What could ultrasound be used for?
YXT Podcast

Sonographic Tendencies creator and sonographer Henry Suarez aka Henry Stax speaks on the biggest misconceptions of ultrasound. In this episode, we also discuss: Ultrasound in a pediatric hospital Ultrasound vs. CT Common exams of ultrasound Appendicitis and Ultrasound


SONOGRAPHIC TENDENCIES: Interview with Henry Stax on YXT Podcast

Interview with sonographer Henry Stax the creator of Sonographic Tendencies. On this episode of the YXT Podcast we discuss: 0:00 Sonography 0:55 Transcranial doppler 1:10 Ultrasound of the brain (pediatric) 2:10 Ultrasound of the lungs 3:20 Ultrasound of the eyes 4:00 Tips for better ultrasounds 6:30 Ultrasound vs X-Ray 7:10 Working with Radiologists 8:38 Working with Student Sonographers 10:00 Can Sonographers diagnose? 11:40 Appendicitis 13:30 Pediatric patients/ hospital 17:45 Burnout 18:35 Sonographic Tendencies 20:20 Social Media / Education 27:00 Sonographic Tendencies platforms 28:30 TikTok 30:25 Linda 32:00 Transducer Chronicles